Marin Dog Sports & Training

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Agility is one of the fastest growing sports of the century, having been first introduced in the United Kingdom at a Crufts Dog Show in 1978 as entertainment between obedience and conformation. Since then it has spread worldwide.  This is a sport where both the dog and handler work as a team, forming a strong connection and bond while having fun together running through a course of obstacles.

If you love playing with your dog, want something more than fetch, and your' s is an energetic dog who loves to run and jump, this may be the sport for you!


Training starts with Foundation which can begin after adoption or as a puppy. Foundation training is essential to building the connection and spirit of the sport required for a brilliant team and fully enjoyable experience. You will progress to each level after building the required skills for the next, more difficult training level


Training is a methodical progression that is ongoing. Most people consider agility training time  to be the best time of their week. To get the best agility performance, the following elements of training are necessary.

  •  Handling skills
  •  Obstacle skills
  •  Leadership and Control
  •  Drive and Motivation


Agility offers you many opportunities to do this sport in various venues.  There are a variety of agility events available to participate in with your dog. Most people start by attending a fun match which is not judged, and you are allowed to have treats or toys with you while running the course. If you decide to start trialing, there are a variety of venues to choose from. So you can select from one or more.  Your dog need not be a purebred to participate in any agility venue available.  This is a sport where all dogs, rescues included, are welcome and performance is judged rather than appearance.

  •  American Kennel Club - AKC
  •  United States Dog Agility Association, Inc. - USDAA
  •  Canine Performance Events - CPE
  •  North American Dog Agility Council - NADAC